Bourbon Drinks Made with Honey

Bourbon Drinks Made with Honey

The Kentucky Derby is many things to many people. To some, it's a horse race of historical proportions; to others, it's an annual tradition that beckons all to enjoy bourbon drinks. While we all know that honey and bourbon go together like peanut butter and jelly, we're offering other ideas to assist in your party planning during the Derby.

Rich with tradition, the Kentucky Derby wouldn't be the same without a bourbon drink. These are our favorites: we've played mixologist and whipped up a lovely little collection over the past few summers. And we're excited to share these drinks with you! If you are a traditional Derby drinker, we have your classic Mint Julep. But if you want something more adventurous, we have you covered there too!

In town? Try Kara’s Old Fashioned at the Tillery

This cocktail is every bit as much a show as a libation. They serve this special cocktail under a layer of smoke and accompanied by our handmade Bourbon Lollipop. Enjoy this drink while watching the Derby at the Marriot Hotel.

In honor of our Blossoms + Bourbon line, our team concocted a creative take on the Old Fashioned using our Eastern Shore Orange Blossom Honey. Bourbon drinks are made for a ‘Steel Magnolia’… a little sweet, bold, and sassy. We call this drink Blossoms+Bourbon Cocktail, and we encourage you to serve it with a honey bourbon lollipop garnish.

Classic Mint Julep Recipe made with honey.

This Classic Mint Julep Recipe originated in the South. Originally known as “smashers,” juleps are muddled with mint and bourbon. These were traditionally a drink for the elite due to the cost of alcohol and ice before electricity.

Honey and Bourbon Cocktail

We call this Honey and Bourbon Cocktail the “Boozy Bee,” any of our soothing honey, smooth bourbon, vitamin C, and a little rest work together to make you feel (almost) like new if you're a little under the weather.

Our Bourbon Honey Lollipops (or any of our honey lollipops, for that matter) make an excellent and exciting garnish for bourbon drinks of all kinds.

bourbon and honey lollipops

If you craft any bourbon drinks to celebrate the Derby, share them with us on Instagram! We love seeing your photos.