Ideas for Mother’s Day Brunch

Ideas for Mother’s Day Brunch

Taking the time to express your love and appreciation for your mother on Mother’s Day can be an extraordinary gesture. Whether you are looking to plan a surprise brunch or want to show Mom how much you care, there are endless creative ideas for showing her just how much she is loved. From mornings spent sipping tea in the garden, indulging in delicious homemade Brunch spreads on the patio, or curating activities that will bring plenty of laughter and joy – here are some inspiring ways to make this Mother’s Day one she won’t forget!

Delicious and Easy Smoothies

Almond Bliss Smoothie is an excellent starter for the festivities of the day! This smoothie is very filling and well-served in shot glasses to your guests as they arrive to whet their appetite.

This Blueberry Smoothie is packed with antioxidants and tastes delicious, especially blueberry honey! Since there is much on the menu, a short shot of a smoothie is a good idea to leave room for Brunch.

Start Your Day with a Wild Blueberry Smoothie. Blueberry smoothies are rich in antioxidants and keep you feeling full and satisfied. Easy & Delicious.

Are we thinking Boozy Brunch? Well, so are we!

Nothing wrong with getting mom a little tipsy on her day. We can rename the event mom’s boozy Brunch! You could approach the drinks in small elegant shot glasses to guests as they arrive as a signature drink.

Kara's Old Fashioned at the Tillery on a table
Kara’s Old Fashioned at The Tillery in the Marriott in Owings Mills

Our Blossoms+Bourbon line inspired this Blossoms+Bourbon Cocktail. The line is fresh, clean, and bright with citrus and geranium bourbon. We thought it would be a great idea to come up with a drink in its honor and created the Blossoms+Bourbon Cocktail.

Our Blossoms and Bourbon Cocktail is made with fresh citrus juices and a drizzle of honey

Fruit-filled drinks are perfect in warm weather. They are refreshing and make a beautiful presentation. Try this Fruity Bee Collins, perfectly timed for spring.

Collins cocktail set with glass of gin on table with fruit and mint with Hendrix Gin and jar of Bee Inspired Honey

This Moscow Mule is our latest creation and will hit the spot for Mother’s Day Brunch.

Honey Moscow mule on wooden board in copper cup next to Bee Inspired Spring Honey

Mother’s Day Brunch Overnight Oats

Chocolate Honey Overnight Oats can be prepared ahead of time - and they keep well for a few days in the fridge, too!

The great thing about this Chocolate Honey Overnight Oats recipe, is you can start this process the night before. Pour the ingredients together the night before and that way when you wake up in the morning, at least one thing is already done!

With fresh-picked strawberries in season, this may be the perfect venue for our Strawberries and Cream Overnight Oats. You could make these up overnight and serve them in small 2oz glass bowls with tiny spoons as an appetizer.

Strawberry Overnight Oats

Mother’s Day Brunch Pastries for Mom

Keep the theme going for mother’s day brunch in high strawberry season. These Strawberry Scones are a delicious treat any time of year, especially on Mother’s Day!

Honey Infused Strawberry Scones

This ‘Unbread’ recipe is a nut and seed bread made without any leavening agents and is one of my new favorites. Try it!

nut and seed bread
This nut and seed bread is delicious and satisfying

Honey Banana Bread is easy to make the night before, and everyone loves it. You can make this recipe in muffin form; if you have many guests for Mother’s Day Brunch, this may be a great idea.

Honey Banana Bread sliced on cutting board on dark table top with fresh bananas

You can make her this Southern Cornbread - trust us, it's the best she’ll ever eat in her whole life. Complete with honey butter.

southern cornbread in the making ingredients being mixed
Step by step. We are preparing traditional southern Cornbread with organic ingredients.

Balance it with a Salad.

We have a few tried and true salads in our arsenal. Make your favorite one and serve it with this fantastic honey lemon vinaigrette. You can even quickly marinate fish or chicken with this same recipe!

This Kale Salad is the best and most surprising salad we’ve made. Another recipe you can make the night before Mother’s Day is to be well-organized for the day ahead. Try these Honey Pickled Beets on this Salad.

Spinach and fruit salad is lovely and light - so is our watermelon feta salad. It’s excellent any time of the day but is especially at home on a brunch spread.

watermelon feta salad with kalamata olives onion and tomato on plater

Our friend Karlen shared this Asian Chicken and Noodle Salad Recipe, and it’s been a hit repeatedly in our family.

Asian Noodle Salad up close with grilled chicken and orchid

Treats for Mom

It’s time for dessert, and there are many different directions that you can take at this food festival, also known as Mother’s Day Brunch!

serving a plated brownie and ice cream sundae
This is a crazy good sexy brownie sundae.

You can never go wrong with chocolate, and this crazy sexy chocolate brownie sundae is a crowd-pleaser. If mom is on a health kick, you can serve up chocolate so that nobody has to know it’s good for them with our beetroot brownies. Another great way to finish this meal is with a lovely healthy Cherry Cobbler Recipe. You can use any combination of fruit in this recipe, so be creative, primarily if it supports a theme for the day!

So, what will you make for Brunch this Mother’s Day? There are so many delicious directions you can go – and with some planning, it doesn’t have to be an all-day production. Why not try something new and get creative in the kitchen? Get ready for mother’s day brunch by trying out even just one of these recipes! And don’t forget to consider activities that will keep the party going into sunset. After all, mom deserves a day filled with love, laughter…and great food!