14 of our Best Valentine Desserts

14 of our Best Valentine Desserts

February is the magical month of love, filling our hearts with joy during what would otherwise be a dreary season. And guess what? We've got something extraordinary for you! Brace yourself for our exquisite, handcrafted Valentine Desserts that are guaranteed to make your Valentine's Day unforgettable. Go ahead and indulge in these delectable treats with your beloved, your closest friends, and your cherished family members. Spread the love and create everlasting memories together. Don't miss out on this enchanting experience!

Valentine Desserts from the Eastern Shore

Delicious treats never fail to bring joy, especially on gloomy days. Get ready to whip up these irresistible Valentine's Day treats that effortlessly elevate any meal.

Chocoholics Unite

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

The perfect Valentine treat (in my book) involves chocolate. When chocolate and fruit collide, that is the perfect storm. These Chocolate Dipped Strawberries are the cat’s meow!

Honey Cocoa Truffles

Chocolate lovers rejoice! These truffles are packed with rich cocoa and honey and easy to make. Feel free to add your favorite nuts, dried fruits, and even a splash of liquor to create a personalized goodie for your honey. Truffles freeze well, so you can save them for later if you make too many.

Brownie Sundae

It might still be chilly, and you can always enjoy ice cream, warm it up a bit with some fudge sauce. Sweeten your Valentine's Day with this Sexy Brownie Sundae. It is decadent and indulgent, so share one with your honey after a special meal. Everyone seems to have their perfect brownie recipe, so tweak this as you see fit.

Honey Chocolate Pistachio Granola Bark

We have an excellent recipe for delicious, chocolatey granola bark. Whip up a batch of this beautiful bark to give away to friends who always seem to be on the go. It’s a perfect mid-morning nibble and equally as good with your afternoon cup of coffee.

Little Sweet Bites

Salted Caramel Candy

If you’re a person who loves candies, we also have your back! Salted caramel candy is fuss-free but still pretty enough to give away as gifts for your Valentine. Make a big batch and enjoy the sweet and salty combination any time you need a little pick-me-up! We love to wrap these up in sheets of wax paper and tuck them away in small boxes as a thoughtful gift.

Three Salted Caramel Candies by Bee Inspired lined up next to each other on a piece of parchment paper

Cranberry-Orange Biscotti

Biscotti are dry biscuit-like cookies hailing from Italy. Traditionally dipped in coffee or tea, they’re just as delicious when eaten by themselves. Our honey biscotti are crunchy and sweet and perfect for sharing over a cup of tea with your honey.

Cranberry-Orange Biscotti by Bee Inspired on a baking tray with a jar of Bee Inspired Florida Orange Honey and unpeeled oranges

Carrot Cake Bars

These healthy snack bars are lighter than our brownie sundae, so these are a great option if you want something sweet but safe for the waistline. Pack them full of nuts and chopped fruit, and they’ll make great energy bars or breakfast snacks. A box of these bars would be a perfect Valentine’s Day Treat for your friend who loves hiking and is always on the run!

Honey Carrot Cake Bars by Bee Inspired on a white plate next to a spoon

Fruit is Nature's Candy

Honey Baked Apple

For something fruity, try a baked apple. Easy to make, they’re a healthy treat that you won’t feel bad about snacking on. Imagine how good one of these would be with a bit of whipped cream and a drizzle of honey. Stuff them with your favorite granola blend for an added crunch that will keep you coming back for more.

Close-up of Honey Baked Apple by Bee Inspired

Caramelized Pears

These pears are elegant, easy, and delicious when paired with vanilla ice cream. These are very pretty, too, especially sliced over a bowl of ice cream. Pears are soft and packed with natural sugars that caramelize during cooking. Bring richness to the treat that your Valentine will love.


Caramelized Pear by Bee Inspired sitting in a white bowl with yogurt, granola, and a spoon

Poached Pears

You can also poach pears! Poaching fruit deeply imbues the flavor of all the ingredients in the pan and heightens the rich natural sweetness found in the flesh of the pear. Our version is done with a bit of brandy and vanilla and are great served warm or cold.

Poached Pears by Bee Inspired on a white dining plate next to two spoons

Baked Goods

Parisian Honey Rum Cake

The history of the rum cake is fascinating. When researching the origins of rum cake, I learned that the recipe, inspired by figgy pudding and other steamed puddings popular before the 16th century in the United Kingdom. The Rum cake recipe was invented in honor of steamed pudding by early settlers who arrived in the Caribbean. The method for steamed pudding is complicated, and most amateur cooks weren’t fond of following all of the steps.

Honey Rum Cake by Bee Inspired sitting on a white dining plate

Apple Tart

Sweet breakfast treats that double as an ideal way to end a romantic dinner. Another yummy apple treat is our Apple Tart. It’s beautiful, especially when you take the extra time to correctly align the apple slices and gently fold ridges into the dough. Trust us; it’s worth the little bit of effort to make it perfect.

Cherry Cobbler

Cherry Cobbler can be made fresh with fresh cherries in season and frozen cherries in winter. Serve warm with ice cream or greek yogurt. A gluten-free and guilt-free take on the recipe is as good for breakfast as dessert.

Cherry Cobbler by Bee Inspired in a black baking pan with a spoon

From Our Pantry to Yours

Chocolate Dipped Honey Lollipops

For a short time each year, we offer our Chocolate Dipped Lollipops. Handcrafted, these are a real gourmet treat that you should share with someone you love. We love to stir these into a hot cup of coconut milk for a quick “hot chocolate” drink. But really, these never last long enough to make it to the kitchen.

Female hand holding three Chocolate Dipped Honey Lollipops by Bee Inspired in front of a red background

Lollipop Variety Bag

If your honey loves to try different flavors, our Lollipop Variety Bag will be perfect! Eat it like a normal lollipop, stir it in your tea, or even experiment and make other fun drink concoctions with them!

A variety of Bee Inspired Honey Lollipops arranged in a bouquet in a Bee Inspired Honey Lollipop Display

Wishing you a truly magnificent day, filled with joy and love in every way you choose to celebrate. Remember to take a moment for yourself, spoil your sweetheart with something delightfully sweet, and don't forget to tag us in your Bee Inspired Valentine's Day haul on Instagram! Our hearts soar with excitement whenever we get to witness your beautiful photos, especially when relishing in the divine indulgence of your Valentine's desserts.

Female wearing a baking apron and holding a tray of muffins