Lavender-Infused Honey

Lavender-Infused Honey

Lavender-infused honey is fun to make. In four easy steps and less than an hour’s work-time total, you can have a special treat for months—this is an excellent project for the winter. We save our lavender buds and store them in an air-tight way in the freezer. Freezing the lavender removes the remote chance that bugs are still living within the lavender. When we remove the lavender from the fridge, we spread the lavender lightly over a paper towel on a baking sheet and inspect and remove anything that isn’t lavender. We ensure the lavender is completely dry before using it in any project.

Infusing honey with lavender is really easy and a wonderful treat.

Lavender-Infused Honey is easier to make than it sounds.

If you’d like to experiment with infusions, crystallized honey is a great place to start, as it requires heating up to bring it back to liquid form. There is nothing wrong with crystallized honey, but we understand that some people don’t like it. It’s easy to reconstitute honey by submerging it halfway into boiling water for a few minutes with the lid off.

The following video demonstrates how to reconstitute crystallized honey.

How to make lavender-infused honey

Infusing honey with lavender or any other herb, hot peppers, or anything else that interests you is a neat way to enhance honey that has been in the pantry for a while.

Step One: Disinfect

Sterilize one quart-sized Ball Jar in your dishwasher. Clean your kitchen thoroughly. Be careful to disinfect your work areas with 70% alcohol thoroughly. Wear nitrile gloves. Work with sterilized glass and seals. Do not cross-contaminate your space. Stay focused on the project at hand.

Step Two: Prepare your lavender buds

Freeze organic dried lavender buds for at least 48 hours. Remove the buds from the freezer and place them in a dehydrator or the oven at 125 degrees F. No moisture must be present. We leave dried lavender buds out for 24 hours on paper towels, leaving them covered before using them in any of our product makings.

Step Three: Make the Lavender Honey Infusion

Fill the Ball Jar with two full cups of dried organic lavender buds. Fill the jar to the top; you will need about 42-44 ounces of honey. Slowly pour warm, liquid, de-crystalized honey over the dried organic lavender buds making sure not to get any water from the heating process and being careful not to create any air bubbles in the jar.

Step Four: Allow to steep

Cover tightly, allow to sit in a dark room, and do not disturb for at least one month.

Step Five: Reheat and strain

Boil a saucepan of water that covers about 50% of the Ball Jar of infused honey. Remove the lid, set the glass ball jar into the boiled water, and simmer on low heat. Allow infused honey to reach 130 degrees. Make sure that no water gets inside the jar of honey. Strain lavender buds from honey using a disinfected wire sieve and food-grade cheesecloth.

Tip: The goal is to avoid boiling the honey. If honey is overheated, it loses all of its magic powers.

Food safety is most important when making honey infusions.

Making your lavender-infused honey is an easy and fun project that can be done in less than an hour. Following these four simple steps, you can have a delicious treat that lasts for months. This is the perfect seasonal project to take on! Be certain to follow all food-safety guidelines.

Lavender Infused Honey is terrific with hot tea, on ice cream, on pancakes.