rose honey infusion

Rose Honey Infusion

Experience our Rose Honey Infusion for delightful cocktails and culinary creations. This high-quality, eco-friendly flavor enhancer will elevate your mixology skills. Inspired by a luxurious hotel experience in France, its delicate sweetness and floral scent will leave you wanting more. Use it in our Sweetheart Martini, or come up with your own way to enjoy this sweet treat!

Sweetheart martini with rose honey infusion in red set

Rose Honey Infusion Diversity

Create this delightful infusion at home with just a glass jar, honey, and organic rose petals. Adjust the sweetness and aroma by straining out the petals earlier or leaving them in for extra texture and flavor. For a more dynamic flavor, try experimenting with other aromatic herbs or dried lavender. This versatile infusion can be used in numerous recipes, elevating the taste and adding depth to dishes like ice cream and other desserts.

pink rose petals on white for rose honey infusion

Craft a one-of-a-kind and delightful surprise for your loved ones with a delightful homemade Rose Honey Infusion! Guarantee the utmost food safety by selecting organic or homegrown roses to steer clear of any unwanted pesticides. Let your creativity bloom and indulge in nature's sweetness!

Adapting Rose Honey Infusion

Get inspired by our recipes and feel free to put your own twist on the Rose Honey Infusion. Here are some ideas to adapt it:

  • Use dried basil or other aromatic herbs
  • Add dried lavender to the mixture
  • Try it on your favorite ice cream
  • Enjoy it with Greek yogurt


Ensure the safety of your rose honey infusion by using organic or homegrown roses and clean utensils. Bee Inspired Honey is the perfect choice for this delightful concoction, offering a unique flavor that enhances your favorite recipes. Enjoy a luxurious drink, dessert, and more with Bee Inspired's Rose Honey Infusion!

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