Rose Honey Infusion

Rose Honey Infusion

Our Rose Honey Infusion is essential for making our Sweetheart Martini, but its sweet and soothing flavor can be used in various other dishes. Roses have been used for centuries for their beautiful appearance and fragrant, edible petals. Conventionally grown greenhouse flowers often lack the flavors and aromas typical of traditionally grown plants. When using roses to make an infusion, it’s essential to use either organic or homegrown roses to avoid consuming unwanted pesticides.

Sweetheart martini with rose honey infusion in red set

This Infusion makes an excellent gift for the tea drinkers or foodies in your life.

Making this infusion at home is simple—place organic rose petals in a sanitized glass jar, cover them with honey, and steep them for a few days. Depending on your desired level of sweetness and aroma, you can strain out the petals after the desired amount of time or leave them in for added texture and flavor. You can also get creative by adding other aromatic herbs or dried lavender to enhance the flavor profile. Many recipes benefit from this infusion—try adding it to ice cream or other desserts to add depth and complexity to a dish.

pink rose petals on white for rose honey infusion

An elegant addition to any recipe

You can create something unique that will delight your family and friends with just a few simple steps! Rose Honey Infusion is delicious and easy to make at home! Remember that food safety should always be considered when making infusions, so use organic or homegrown roses to avoid consuming undesired pesticides.

Adapting this Infusion

Our recipes are meant to serve as inspiration. Don’t feel like you must make this Rose Honey Infusion precisely as we do. Get creative. Experiment. Try something different. Here are some ideas in case you need a little boost with adapting this recipe:

  • Use dried basil or other aromatic herbs.
  • Add dried lavender to the mixture.
  • Try this infusion over your favorite ice cream for a pleasant surprise.
  • This infusion is delicious on greek yogurt.

How to make a Rose Honey Infusion

  • Place rose petals in a glass jar, and add honey to cover.
  • Add more rose petals, and add more honey.
  • Make sure that the roses are completely covered.
  • Allow steeping for a few days before serving.
  • Strain the petals from the honey, or leave them in for added texture and aroma at the time of serving.

Infusions are fun to make, and they make beautiful and thoughtful gifts, especially in a fancy glass container.

This Rose Honey Infusion is a delightful and unique way to add an extra layer of flavor and beauty to your favorite recipes. You can create a facial around this infusion. The aroma of the rose petals in the honey is soothing and sweet, creating an unforgettable combination that’s perfect for any other ingredients, such as herbs, lavender, or even baked goods. The key to success with infusions lies in being mindful of food safety. Using organic or homegrown roses is essential to avoid any potential hazards due to pesticides and other chemicals. Additionally, ensure that all utensils are appropriately cleaned before preparation, and store your infusion correctly, as bacteria can quickly develop if left at room temperature for too long. When making any oil, honey, vinegar, or syrup infusion, please be mindful of food safety. Infusion recipes can soon become a recipe for disaster if there are bacteria. Always handle food with love and care.

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