Paloma with Honey

Smoked Rosemary Paloma with Honey

Summer is the time for cocktails - hot days spent by the pool require a delicious, refreshing drink to be on hand at all times (at least we think so!). We collaborated with Aurora Elixirs and the Tillery Restaurant & Bar at Owings Mills Marriott to create a delicious Smoked Rosemary Paloma. With an infusion of honey grapefruit syrup and Aurora's bubbly Rosemary Grapefruit Hemp Beverage, it's a delicious cocktail that you'll enjoy all Summer long.

After we talked to Aurora Elixir's Victoria about collaborating on a special drink, we knew we were in for a treat when a box showed up at our store. It was filled with a variety of delicious Sparkling Hemp Beverages that her company specializes in - and they just so happen to go perfectly with honey! We took a look through the flavors that she sent us before going down the street to the Tillery to see what our friends there could craft up.

Val at the Tillery was the mastermind behind this cocktail - she was especially interested in the Rosemary Grapefruit Sparkling Beverage. Then, she had the ingenious idea to create a grapefruit syrup with our Tupelo Honey to sweeten the drink. In Val's words, "it was the most divine honey I've ever tasted!" - so we know it's a game-changer for mixology!

A paloma is perfect for the Summer. Bright, refreshing, and bubbly - what more could you want for a poolside drink? Traditionally made with sparkling water and citrus juice, Val amped this version up with resinous smoked rosemary. It's complex but light, and best when shared with friends.

Play Mixologist

Val had complete creative freedom with this cocktail - and you should too! Try swapping out the grapefruit juice for blood orange juice, or use your favorite tequila instead of mezcal. Here's some recommendations:

  • Try another flavor of Aurora Elixir's beverages
  • Salt the rim of the glass before filling
  • Use another variety of honey in the simple syrup