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Perfect Father's Day Honey Gifts

Father's Day is right around the corner. You are without question the apple of his eye, but dad deserves a unique gift in honor of his special day. From body care to BBQ Brisket support, our Father's Day honey gifts are sure to bring a smile to dad's face. Make his day with one of these thoughtful Father's Day Gifts for Him.

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Every dad deserves to look and feel his best, and our honey body collections will work their magic on your main man's skin. Luxurious scrubs and nourishing butter brighten and smooth complexions. Exfoliating soaps cleanse the body, and Honey Lip Balm protects dry, chapped lips.

Find sweet Father's Day gifts for dad. Whether he's a superhero, an adventurer, a sportsman, or a chef, we've got the perfect honey (or tea) gift just for him.

A full collection of Artisanal Tea includes with it a creative license for cocktail hour steeped in delicious layers of flavor to magical concoctions made with tea that changes color when he knows what mixers to use.

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Most men don't spend time on skincare

Show dad just how much you love him this Father's Day and give him Father's Day Gifts for Him that are memorable, unique, and Bee Inspired.

Our Sea+Tea Face and Body Scrub offers skin a little lift from nature thanks to the botanical ingredients. And, the rich blend of plant oil and butter protects the skin while delivering nourishing vitamins to the complexion.

Strength Butter offers spicy scents that moisturize and brighten dry dull skin with the soothing, moisturizing magic of honey.

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Men's skin requires some special care and our products do the trick.

Bee Inspired soaps are made with natural ingredients, and the skin loves them! Our Soap will leave his freshly shaven skin feeling smooth, nourished, and refreshed, ready to start the day. Coffee and Cream Bar Soap is exfoliating and revitalizing and will remove grime from the skin while also removing unpleasant odors. 

Exfoliation is key, as it helps to remove dead skin cells that will otherwise make skin look dull. Another important step is moisturizing because it locks in moisture and keeps him looking radiant. As many guys spend a lot of time in the sun, skin damage can occur, so using sunscreen is also an important part of his skincare routine.

Guys should also take care of their lips. Chapping and drying are common problems for most people, and it's very simple to solve. Just using one of our Plastic-Free Honey Lip Balm will provide the nourishment and moisture that will help to protect his lips.

Does dad appreciate raw honey?

Raw honey is something the whole family can appreciate. If you decide on sharing any of our samplers, think of it as a family activity that everyone can share, after a perfect Father's Day Dinner. We have lots of Eastern Shore Honey and gift sets that make a perfect gift. Or host a honey tasting in his honor!

Plenty of dads love to grill! Our Blueberry Honey is mild yet complex, with subtle notes of jasmine and sour cherries, great on yogurt with raw granola. Raw honey is generally wonderful in marinades and sauces for grilling fish and chicken. If dad is a Wildflower guy, this Honey Glazed Chicken is a great recipe to try on the grill. Or maybe dad likes bourbon drinks? Any of our raw Eastern Shore Honey will make a perfect gift!

Send dad straight to Eden with our signature scent "Morning in Eden" a fresh crisp scent that everyone in the family will appreciate.

We hope that you'll find a special father's day gifts on this list to give to the special guy in your life! Our Owings Mills Honey Retail Store, Bee Inspired Honey House is open Monday-Friday 11-5, Thursday and Saturday 'til 7! Buzz by after you place your order online for curbside service!