The Best Honey for Tea

The Best Honey for Tea

There are so many honey varietals out there today, that it can be hard to determine which kind works best for what. The truth is, not all honey is created equal — some varietals work best in some recipes, like baked bread, while others are better suited in beverages.

overhead: a cup of tea with honey

The best honey for tea can elevate any tea-drinking experience. Whether it's a bold black tea, a delicate white tea, or a soothing herbal infusion, honey plays a vital role in balancing sweetness and tea bitterness.

There's something undeniably comforting about a cup of artisanal tea. It's a timeless ritual that warms the soul and brings solace to our busy lives. The world of pairing tea with honey can be complex at times, which is why we wanted to share our top picks!

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Pairing Tea with Honey: Our Top Picks

Florida Orange Blossom Honey

Delicate and fragrant, Florida Orange Blossom Honey boasts a hint of citrus that pairs impeccably with black and green teas. It lends a luscious sweetness to Earl Grey, creating a delightful combination of flavors. Ours comes from Florida orange trees! It is not easy acquiring real Florida Orange Blossom Honey, what you find, often is from Brazil.

Kaylin with lavender plant

Spring Honey, informed by Lavender

Our Spring Honey is informed by lots of (at least 500) lavender plants on our farm, this honey complements floral and herbal teas perfectly.

A dash of honey influenced by hundreds of lavender plants (like our Spring honey!) in chamomile tea creates a soothing elixir perfect for relaxation. You may also want to try stirring lavender honey lollipops into your tea to add a very subtle sweetness. 

a jar of Bee Inspired Wildflower Honey with flowers


As diverse as wildflowers themselves, Wildflower Honey is rich and earthy and pairs wonderfully with oolong and herbal blends. 

Collected from various wildflowers, this honey boasts a golden hue and a rich, complex flavor profile. It’s full of floral notes and offers a taste of the diverse landscapes where our bees forage.

Sweet Clover honey and cheese

Sweet Clover

Sweet Clover honey is a surprising varietal, thanks to its bright, bold and sweet flavor. It's sometimes so strong with pollen, it evokes a response from the back of your throat when you taste it raw and it's not unusual to cough during a tasting. 

The floral undertones of our Sweet Clover Honey are thanks to the bright yellow tall spikes in the region where it is collected. Our most recent Sweet Clover is from the "Dakotas" Its bright color, deep rich flavor, and thick consistency make it a welcome addition to any cup of tea.

Linden Basswood

Linden Basswood

Linden Basswood Honey is a rare type of honey that originates from sweet, aromatic, nectar-rich basswood trees, which are also known as linden trees. It possesses a delightful flavor and aroma that combines hints of sweet hay and herbs. This honey is delicious and can be enjoyed in a cup of flavorful tea, our Good Morning Tea pairs nicely, or as a topping pancakes for an exquisite dessert.


Black Locust honey with blossoms

Black Locust

Called acacia honey in Europe, Black Locust Honey is a great choice for white and green teas. It boasts a sweet and light taste and has hints of floral notes. Unique and flavorful, pair it with a mint-infused herbal tea, our Good Night Tea is quite fitting for a refreshing sip!

cranberry honey on set with cranberry

Cranberry Blossom Honey

Cranberry Blossom Honey is a limited edition sweet treat with a subtle tang of cranberry goodness. It is sourced from vibrant cranberry bushes in Massachusetts, making it truly special. However, it's only available during the fall season, so don't miss out! This magical honey not only offers a healthier alternative to processed sugars but also perfectly complements our array of autumn-inspired teas and dishes with its cranberry undertones. Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners and hello to a delicious native late-season honey. Try it now and taste the difference!

loose leaf tea

Our Favorite Teas

All of this talk about the best honey for tea may have you wondering about our favorite tea options. Did you know that along with honey, we also produce artisanal tea made from delicious botanicals?

overhead: jar of Bee Inspired Good Morning tea with a cup of tea

We have 9 different varieties to choose from, and here are a few of our favorites:

  • Good Morning Tea - There’s nothing like warm tea with honey on a chilly morning. Featuring berries and cornflower, this one is great with a bit of Orange Blossom Honey stirred in.
  • Raven Tea - This is one of the best tea blends to pair with honey. Try it with Orange Blossom, Spring, or Wildflower honey.
  • Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - Earthy and light, we love the idea of enjoying this tea with Black Locust Honey.
  • Goodnight Tea - For the perfect night cap, add a bit of Spring Honey to your cup.

What type of Honey is Best for Coffee and Tea?

The flavor of honey becomes more prominent as its color darkens. When selecting honey for tea, consider personal taste preferences as they vary. If you want to fully appreciate the taste of honey, opt for a darker variety. Alternatively, for a more enjoyable tea experience, choose a lighter variety. Follow your taste buds and don't hesitate to experiment.

Cider+Spice tea

What Kind of Honey is Best for Green Tea?

Green tea is often mild, selecting honey with a mild profile won't overpower the tea’s flavor. Orange blossom honey is mild, sweet and citrusy and won’t overpower green tea, making it a great pairing. Our Sourwood Honey is a rare, thick honey that gives any tea a new warm layer of flavor. Our favorite pairing is between Sourwood and Cider+Spice Tea.

Is Raw Honey Better Than Processed Honey for Tea?

We’re of the opinion that raw honey is always the way to go, in any situation. Do a taste test and you’ll see what we mean. Open up a jar of any of our artisanal or varietal honey and open a grocery-store bought honey and do a blind tasting. Take notes. Try this with friends and family to see just how different each honey tastes.

Pasteurized honey is stripped of its micro-nutrients and unique subtle flavors, while raw varietals preserve the essence of the flowers from where it came. On the flip side, this means that it may crystallize which is often misunderstood as a flaw in the honey. 

a jar of Bee Inspired Raven Tea next to a green and white teacup

Choosing the Best Honey for Tea

Embrace the art of tea drinking and pay close attention to the honey you use to sweeten it! There are so many diverse flavors and aromas of honey to discover — from the citrusy notes of orange blossom honey to soothing Spring Honey that is influenced by lavender plants on our farm, each varietal will bring its own unique charm to your cup.

As we always say, don’t be afraid to play with your food. Here’s to finding your perfect match of honey for tea!