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Gifts Under $50

Make an impact within your budget

Make a lasting impression with handcrafted gifts under $50

Gifts Under $50 are the perfect way to show someone you care without breaking the bank. From lip kits to tea and honey sets to simple girlfriend gifts, we’ve got amazing gift sets for teachers, babysitters, clients, colleagues and more. Each present has been carefully curated and hand-picked to ensure it will make a lasting impression- making them a great choice for any special occasion and within budget. Meaningful gifts for everyone under $50.


    Find the perfect gift under $50, with so many options you’re sure to find something that speaks to your style on budget. Shop now and give them something they’ll never forget. From heartfelt handwritten messages to tangible reminders, Gifts Under $50 include something for everyone. Each gift is thoughtfully handcrafted to make anyone in your tribe smile. Shop now and surprise them with something special!

    Join Us in Making a Lasting Impact.

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